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Since 2008, USA Fencing has accepted the responsibilities for the Wheelchair Fencing programs, which had been handled previously by Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA and U.S. Paralympics. During the transition period, USA Fencing worked closely with U.S. Paralympics in a cooperative effort to develop world class Wheelchair Fencing athletes, as well as broaden the base of Wheelchair Fencing. U.S. fencers have distinguished themselves in World Cups, Americans Regional Championships (Zonals), World Championships, and Paralympic Games since the program started for U.S. wheelchair athletes in the 1990s.

USA Fencing organizes two NAC wheelchair tournaments each season, held in conjunction with the October and January NACs; the National Wheelchair Fencing Championships are held annually in April.

The Director of Sports Performance & Development, in conjunction with the national wheelchair coaching staff, is tasked with producing the annual high performance plan, establishing selection criteria for international teams, and developing training camps and clinics. The wheelchair committee is responsible for plans for broader development of Wheelchair Fencing through expansion of available coaches to train wheelchair fencers.

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