Our Recreational Fencing Program is for everyone - especially if it is your first time trying out the sport. The class focuses on teaching proper technique and fostering a love of fencing in a safe and fun environment. With our unique differentiated instructions we are able to take on new students at the beginning of the month, while challenging return students and making sure they continue to develop. Another staple of our class is a fun and relaxed environment, where students learn basic footwork and blade drills through games and simple exercises. Gasparin Fencing provides all necessary fencing equipment for its students, however we ask that all students come dressed in athletic wear (sweatpants and tennis shoes), and bring along a bottle of water.


Our Competitive Fencing Program is only for students, who already have a basic understanding of the sport and wish to take their skills to the next level. Through a focused, intense, and fun training, our goal is to prepare the fencers for state and national tournaments. Within the program, students will receive high-level technical training, advanced footwork drills, physical conditioning, and rigorous bouting. Private lesson packages of four 15-minute lessons may also be purchased for $60.


Regardless of a person’s mobility or experience level, if you can extend one arm and see well enough to watch TV, Gasparin Fencing can help you learn how to fence. Our Wheelchair Fencing Program or Adpated Fencing classes are created for individuals ages thirteen and older and we cater to people with any of the 3 three classification of wheelchair fencing. Like our other programs, wheelchair fencing also has a rolling admission, where introductory classes start at the beginning of each month. Students will start by learning the fundamental blade and tactical skills of the sport. Then with each returning month build on top of that foundation and take their skills to the next level. As the only active wheelchair fencing program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our goal is not only to teach a comprehensive class for people with walking disabilities, but to provide a fun and engaging individual activity, where people feel like they are part of a community. Gasparin Fencing provides all necessary fencing equipment. Athletes who use crutches, walkers, or other assistive devices may also want to try wheelchair fencing.

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