Contrary to what Hollywood movies have depicted, modern fencing is actually one of the safest sports. The blade of the sword is not sharp. The tip is flat, not pointed and protected by a rubber cushion or metal button on electric weapons. Most blows are nothing more than a tap – yet even a vigorous blow will be absorbed by the flexibility of the blade and the protective gear worn by the fencer.

>  mask with a strong metal mesh
>  glove for the fencing hand
>  jacket and knickers made out of Kevlar
>  underarm protector, which is an extra sleeve for the arm that hold the weapon
>  plastic chest protector

Nowadays technology has brought fencing to a different level. Electronic equipment aids precision to determine accurate touches. Fencers wear electric uniforms that cover their valid target areas and are connected to electronic scoring machines.

>  an electric fencing mask (in saber and foil only)
>  an electric lamé (with sleeves in saber, without sleeves in foil)
>  mask clip (creates an electric circuit from the mask to the lamé)
>  body cord (connects the weapon and lamé to the scoring machine)
>  electronic scoring machines (connected directly to the fencers by cables or by wireless devices)

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