1Why fencing?

There are numerous reasons why fencing is the best sport, but mainly it is a life-long activity in which physique and age are not limitations. Anyone can do it! It is also one of only a few sports that develops both mind and body equally. Fencing is often described as a "game of physical chess." It takes strategy and quick reflexes.

Fencers learn good sportsmanship, self-discipline, practice as a group, and how to compete independently. They gain a sense of accomplishment when winning and learn valuable lessons from their defeats. These ideals help students reach their potential in many areas other than fencing.

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2Is fencing safe?

Yes! Contrary to what Hollywood movies have depicted, modern fencing is actually one of the safest sports. The blade of the sword is not sharp. The tip is flat, not pointed and protected by a rubber cushion or metal button on electric weapons. Most blows are nothing more than a tap – yet even a vigorous blow will be absorbed by the flexibility of the blade and the protective gear worn by the fencer.

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- Study of injuries from 2008 Olympics (highly recommended)
- Letter to Parents from former USA Fencing's Chief Medical Officer
3What is wheelchair fencing?

Wheelchair fencing is a version of fencing for athletes with a disability. Wheelchair fencing is governed by the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation that is a federation of the International Paralympic Committee, and is one of many sports in the Summer Paralympic Games.

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4Is fencing hard to learn?

No, fencing is not at all hard to learn. However, it is a very technical sport that takes time and practice, but with the right set of instruction it is easy to learn.
5Do I need to purchase my own equipment?

No, you do not have to buy your own equipment in the beginning. We have all the necessary fencing gear to get you started the moment you walk in. All we ask is if you are a first time student in our program to come prepared by wearing appropriate athletic gear such as tennis, shoes, long sweatpants, and a t-shirt. We also recommend bringing a bottle of water with you.

We are happy to allow our fencers to use our gear at NO COST all the way until they are ready to purchase their own equipment.

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- Fencing Equipment
- Absolute Fencing Gear (recommended vendor)
6How flexible are the fencing class schedules?

Registration for classes are handled by the recreation center at each one of our locations. Pick the location and time that works best for you. If you can only make it to class once a week, that's fine. If you would like to make up a missed class by attending a class on another day, that's fine as well. All we ask is that you contact us before hand, so that we may bring your equipment. Finally, if you wish to attend classes at multiple locations, please contact us and we can set that up for no additional cost.
7Why choose Gasparin Fencing?

Gasparin Fencing provides a safe and exciting learning environment for students ages 8 and up. Our foil coaches are one of the best in the DFW area and with their easy to follow instructions, they make learning to fencing simple and fun. Our programs are designed to meet your specific goals, whether it is recreational or competitive. We offer free equipment rental and classes at multiple locations so that your start in fencing is as convenient as possible.
8Is there any way I can help out your organization?

Currently we are in search for a training space that we can call our own.

The recreation centers, who have partnered with us have been and still are amazing. However, over the past couple of years we have developed a strong competitive team that not only needs, but deserves a space specially designated for fencing.

We are currently looking for a 3,000 sq ft space to rent or lease. If you know of an area that we can use or if you would like to join our parent council working on this endeavor please contact Coach Janos Gasparin by email.

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